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About Us

Brand story

konomuie is an online store that aims to provide products and services to people in Europe and the United States. Its product categories are mainly household and daily necessities, covering ten major product series, covering clothing, gifts, daily groceries, tools, digital home appliances, and fashion home furnishings. More than 8,000 varieties.

"Lifestyle Exploration"

We will work with you to improve the state of life and create more beauty and comfort in daily life.

Global selection, local creation

Since konomuie was established in April 2021, we have sold a wide range of products with high quality, with the first purpose of improving the quality of life of our customers. So far, we have provided products to more than 26,000 customers.

Brand Development

April 2021


October 2021

Serve the 26,000th customer

November 2021

The number of products exceeds 8,000

"Explore the beauty of life"

This has always been what we have been pursuing. Our vision is that you can discover and experience beautiful things from all over the world through konomuie, and create surprises for you.